Bilateral Option (Swiss) Multiple Bilateral Deals

Switzerland features a bespoke arrangement with the EU, supported quite 120 bilateral trade agreements developed over the last 20 years. Swiss have tariff-free trade with the EU and limited access to the EU single marketplace for services. In return, however, Swiss accepts free movement of individuals and suits the EU’s regulations in reference to the parts of the only market they access, without having a say on what those rules appear as if. They will pursue an independent national trading policy, though in practice they often negotiate alongside other EFTA countries.

While a representative entity may not be needed in every state in the case of bilateral deals and there don’t seem any major challenges to trade; personnel may have to move and comply to necessary changes in GMP, and artwork and other lifecycle management activities becomes important to ensure no non-tariff barriers.

To read more about each area affected, what you need to do is to stay ahead of the curve. How Freyr can help ease your transition into these new guidelines?


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