Brexit – Evaluating Lifesciences Technology

Brexit – Evaluating Lifesciences Technology

The United Kingdom (UK), one of the strongest and robust life sciences industries in the world, is undergoing a major change with regulations. Market entrants, or existing business players, need to be prepared technologically for the inevitable disruption happening as a result of Brexit. The most harmonized Regulatory environment is heavily impacted with a comprehensive EMA framework. While the impact of Brexit on technology is subjective to the decisions made by the UK, the front-runners will be the organizations prepared to change and adapt to available opportunities.

Despite numerous uncertainties, right futuristic technologies adapted in organization can play a major role in growing businesses irrespective of the evolving regulations. With right technology leveraged, organizations can handle Regulatory issues to ensure continuous business without fail.

Adapting to Brexit and being on top of the game can be multi-fold and can happen in phases. Freyr’s RSS (Regulatory Software Solutions) team, helps businesses to be prepared for Brexit, complying to all the regulations and norms.

Technology changes to cope with Brexit

  • Software data migration strategies inclusive of resource allocation to implement and support technological integration
  • Freyr SUBMIT PRO to support new entrant Regulatory guidelines
  • Centralized and collaborative approach to data management and enhanced automated product lifecycle management
  • Empowering robust and cloud-hosted software applications to help organizations on the go
  • Freyr LABEL 360 to cater to end-to-end lifecycle of labeling – old and any new forthcoming regulations
  • Freyr iREADY to track, analyse, and validate cosmetic ingredients against new norms and deal with any Brexit terms
  • Unifying processes to single source of truth of RIMS (Regulatory Information Management System)

Freyr has been supporting many global organizations across industry to gauge the impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Our collaborated efforts of subject matters and clients is paving way to a future-ready environment For more information on please contact


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